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by Dolly Anne Carvajal ( ) 01.26.10

There’s a very thin line between friendship and love. At one point in our lives, we all have been tempted to fall for a friend. That’s why many of us will be able to relate to the Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson movie, “Paano Na Kaya,” which opens today. Star Cinema’s initial salvo for 2010 and Kimerald’s pre-Valentine offering is directed by Ruel Bayani.

My son IC is more than thrilled to be part of the movie. He tells me that Kim and Gerald are super sweet even off-cam but not in a cheesy way. “Di sila exaj mag-PDA,” IC says. “But when you’re around them, kikiligin ka talaga. Kaya nag-iilusyon ako na kami din ni Jon Avila, who plays my BF in the movie. Kung sila Kimerald, kami naman Jonic (laughs)!”

Listening to IC ramble on made me remember when he cried like a baby when he fell for a guy friend who led him on. It made my heart bleed because I was clueless about the inner workings of a gay relationship. But just as “Paano Na Kaya” will tell us, one love fits all.

(In a previous column, the pink car Kim Chiu drove to their shoot when her driver was absent was inadvertently referred to as a pink bike. Both bike and car were Gerald’s gifts.)

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