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Kim Chiu is 2009 Covergirl of the Year
by cd ( Starmometer ) 12.29.09
In 2008, Starmometer’s Covergirl of the Year was Angel Locsin. This year, you voted for Kim Chiu!
Here are the results:
1st runner up is Marian Rivera while 2nd runner up is KC Concepcion.

And here are Kim Chiu’s other covers for 2009:

Congratulations to our 2009 Covergirl of the Year – Kim Chiu.

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She well deserves it. I don't think it's just 4 mags that she's been the cover, I think it's more. And then for 2010, it's her again & GERALD on SSM. KIM & GERALD are really so bankable, that's why many mags are investing on them.

We love you KIM & GERALD. We're here to support you in all your projects. GOD bless you.

She deserves to win. I like her especially on the Stella Mag, she's super pretty in yellow lacey dress.

Kim exudes a very appealing aura. Kudos to Kim, she carries herself like a model, very pretty indeed.

Yes,I agree,napaikli ng role ni Kim sa ILYG although she acted very well. Napakaappealing niya and right, she exudes a positive aura.

I think Kim was on the cover of one magazine or the other every month in 2009!! Indeed, she has a rare face.....hindi nakakasawa. She carries herself like an international model. She gives class and sophistication in every creation she wears. She is what the industry calls a "canvass model".

Congratulations Kim and more blessings next year for you and Gerald.

We love you both.

I can't think of a word that best describe KIm.
All i know is ...SHE HAS IT ALL...AMEN.

we proud of you kim sana hnde mawala tiwala mo saamin ........heheheh kim kaw lng tlga dapat dyn

Very deserving ang title na cover girl of the year. She can dress from very formal,ordinary etc. ans she looks very pretty in every cover. Very fresh kasi ang face niya at very appealing. Congrats to you and Gerald.

Congratulations!!! Kim you deserve the title!!! Kahit anong isuot mo kering-keri talaga!!!

Be humble and don't forget to thank God for everything. All the best for you and Ge....
My prayers for you and your love life this coming year and for the rest of your life.

Loving kimerald fan / Toronto Canada

she deserves dis she looks fashionable on her winning cover.

kim was so nice and fabulous she's deseving for da win.

congratz kim! ikaw lang talaga ang dapa tmanalo nito! no other!

As Gerald said in an interview or in one of their
live chat with fans---one word to describe KIm---
"BEAUTIFUL"- well said,man! Both of you are.
fr: TO,Canada

dapat laging kimerald ang issue...

kimmy your very fashionable and having a very angelic face that's why you deserved to be the cover girl of the year congratulations kimmy and more power kimerald for 2010.

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