ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2009 - Part 2


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ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2009 - Part 2c/o kristt
ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2009 - Part 2c/o discoverer
ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2009 - Part 2
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I cannot wait for this Teleserye. I love Kim and Gerald and even up to now I still suffer a shock (of the ending) and sad when their TD ended because I cannot see and watch them in PT anymore but now it's a The New Year comung and this new PT telesrye for them and with an expressive casts and most of all the "QUEEN OF ALL MEDIA" MS. Kris. What is so special about this it's because MS. Aquino doing a soap because of Gerald and Kim. ABS-CBN will be happy again because they will have a hit teleserye in PT for 2010. Kimerald loveteam has proven time and tme again how they captivate and capture audiences around the world and of all ages. The proof is SANA MAULIT MULI, MY GIRL ,TAYONG DALAWA and now KUNG TAYO'Y MAGKAKALAYO. As a fan of this loveteam I'm all so excited and I'm sure all their millions of fans around the world cannot wait . Kim ang Gerald brings so much joy and happiness in my life they are like the right prescriptions for my homesickness and all the stress from work. I want to thank the management for giving us this teleserye and the movie and I hope and pray you'll continue to acknowledge that Kimerald together is a force to reckon with specially to us fans here in the USA. Hope there will be more projects for them both together and not try to separate them. Again, thank you very much on behalf of all the fans and more power. To Kim and Gerald may your star continue to shine brighter , don't ever change and continue to love and protect each other. We (I) love you both and we'll always be here to support and fight for you both. God bless and A blessed Christams to all and a Joyous and peacful New Year......

A Loving Fan-Ate B.-NYC

Lord we praise you and thank you for the gift of Kim and Gerald who have touched our lives (without them even knowing it)in more ways than one. They have given so much joy and hope to all their fans.
This Christmas we pray that you continually pour the gifts of abundance, good health, peace, joy and most of all LOVE on these two individuals.
Cover them with the mantle of your most precious blood and keep them away from evil in Jesus name, Amen.

thanks anony:4:46 for this great prayer for kimmy and ge! yes ang ating paghanga pagsuporta at pagmamahal sa kimerald is always with prayers! they need our love-filled prayers too.

I cannot wait for the tv series sana 2010 na.
Kahit ang movie nila na Paano na kaya, trailer pa lang nakakakilig na. Sana may international screening ang movie nila.

yes, days to count 2010 na.KIMERALDs sasaya na naman ang araw natin dahil mapapanood na natin sa araw araw c kim at ge. to KIM and GE we luv u. we are here to support u always. MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yes, I'm so thirsty to watch them together anywhere. I missed them so much in ASAP yesterday. Another 2 weeks of waiting... I'm counting the days, hours, minutes to see them
promote their movie and the movie itself & teleserye.

KIM & GERALD, you have our love & full support in all your projects. We'll always be here for you.

Gerald, please take of yourself & Kim, too. Love her more if you may, I beg you.

Ge please dont hurt Kim,we love you both.

I love their flashing pictures on top. Their eyes even talk from a distance. I watched the ABS Christmas special and they were at the opposite side of the stage.

I miss you so much KIM & GERALD.

Yes, LORD, thank you for giving the best gift for each other KIM> GERALD and GERALD> KIM> and sharing them to us.

Looks like Gerald signalled with his very expressive eyes for Kim to switch over to his side...very quick of Kim to have caught the subtle signal...way to go Kim, Gerald!

Have always been intrigued by your subtle glances that speak volumes even at PBB...you read each other so well...it is no wonder that we your fans who are equally perceptive know that you are beyond MU!

Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas and may you thrive and flourish more in the years to come! Treasure your friendship and your love and may Jesus be always be in the center of your relationship and forever be the Star of your lives this Christmas and always!


what i just noticed, that 'piercing look' of gerald is very authoritative, while that of kim's is mellow and submissive...no wonder they click and i'm sure their relationship will endure the test of time..hindi nagbabanggaan ang personalities nila. they complement each other. give and take ang friendship mode nila, hindi nagsasapawan.

I totally agree with you 1:02 & 6:36. They have a world of their own. KIM is meek and Gerald is assertive in a way, but they let each other grow. They respect each other's creative space but they're always there for each other no matter what. We've seen it from their PBBte days til now. Their individual characters complement each other and laughter is their best medicine.

parang gerald is saying through that look, hey you're mine and nobody can take you away from me, kaya bok walang talotalo...

I agree with you 1:02, looks like they really
are beyond MU stage .....quite lang tayo, mga
spy are around us....God bless

naku....mga kimerald...ipon na tayo.....nood tayo ng movie nya he he he!!!!

tama ipon na tayo para maging big big hit ang movie nilang PNK!!! me will dend some amount to my family para manood silang lahat pati mga relatives and friends ha ha ha! grabeng KG adik ito!!!love you kimmy and ge, . we can't get enough of you. you're so lovable persons! God bless you evermore!

Cheers for all KIMERALDS...They are on top of the world.!!Kim & Gerald more success &happiness forever.Stay sweet!!

Merry christmas to all!!!

I read that Gerald & Fred left for the US yesterday. I'm just amazed bec KIM & GERALD's fans are everywhere. The one who posted the pics and the BTS works at the airport>>> LOL.

Take care GERALD & FRED. Enjoy your vacation. And KIM, pls take care,too, lalo na malayo si Papa GE.

Gerald's departure for the US- BTS Dec 24, '09 1:04 AM
for everyone
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Cbox source: Manel, works at NAIA.

Manel: kanila lang po umalis si Ge punt State kasama nya si Fred, 6AM ang flight..

Manel: nakita ko kc sya.. share lang sa mga kimerald fans, ang gwapo nya at ang bait pa..

Manel: habang naka line up sya para mag check in may tinwagan sya tapos narinig ko "ingat ka palagi" tapos nag "iloveyou" sya..

Manel: kahapon kasi narinig ko umalis na daw si Gerald dito sa cbox, tapos kanina bigla ko syang nakita..

Manel: nag arrive sila mga 4am pero departure time po 6:20am

Manel: documentation check ang trabaho ko sa NAIA, yung port of entry ni Fred at Ge ay ___

need proof? MAY PICTURES!!

For the pics, go to kool3692.multiply.com

Sana nakasama si KIM sa kanila. Siguro napakasaya nila dahil sila ang best friends kahit sa paglabas sa PBB. Gerald & Fred, enjoy your vacation but be extra cautious bec of the snow storm. I hope you won't encounter too many cancelled flights, so, as not to ruin your itinerary.

Loyal TFC, USA

Gerald, kanino mo nga pala inihabilin si KIM?

To Manel,thanks for the update specially the line
"ingat ka palagi, ilove you" Hayyyyyyyy...i'm sure
it's KIM on the other end...Hindi pa nakakaalis,
miss na n'ya si KIM..How sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt
of you Gerald. have a safe and happy holidays
kahit wala si kim. Bawi na lang when you get back.
Kimeralds...let's celebrate for a happier new year. God bless us all!!!!

I agree with 4;42, 1;02,6.36 n 7.59 very generous ka naman n sana nga maging hit ang ILYG and PNK. I love the way the Cameramen captured the meaningful glances of Kim and Ge.He got a watchful eye considering a lot of them are in the stage. I remember the PBB days that Ge always have a loving and stolen glances at Kim whenever possible. Their actions, body language, esp. eye contact speak louder than words. love it. God bless both of them. from a kgg fan

maraming cameras involve sa ganitong production, it's the technical people sa booth like the director ang nagdudugtong ng mga sequences, and maganda and naging results, kasi mga stars palang ng ktm ang nakasalang.

sana masaya ang ending nina kimerald dito and may honeymoon na naman...

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