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Kim Chiu is overwhelmed by the support and loyalty of her fans
by Bernie Franco ( ABS-CBN Interactive ) 11.30.09
Lubos ang success na tinatamasa ngayon ng Pinoy Big Brother first Teen Edition Big Winner na si Kim Chiu. Sobrang busy ngayon ang schedule ni Kim dahil kaliwa’t kanan ang kanyang mga proyekto. Sa ngayon, ginagawa na ni Kim ang next teleserye niya with onscreen partner Gerald Anderson at Kris Aquino, ang Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo. In the works na rin ang second solo movie nila ni Gerald, ang Paano na Kaya due next year. Kakaibang Kim naman ang mapapanood sa pelikulang I Love You, Goodbye na official entry ng Star Cinema sa Metro Manila Film Festival this Christmas.

Ayon nga kay Kim, isang malaking career move ang ginawa niya sa pangtanggap sa role niya sa I Love You, Goodbye. “Kahit ako nagdalawang isip ako kung tatanggapin ko ito o hindi kasi natatakot talaga ako na sobrang maldita. Galit siya sa lahat ng bagay, eh. Hindi ko naman laging ginagawa ‘yun,” ani Kim. Kasama ni Kim sa pelikula sina Angelika Panganiban, Gabby Concepcion, Derek Ramsay, Angel Aquino, Matet de Leon, Ces Quesada, Joem Bascon, Chris Villanueva, Ketchup Eusebio and Janna Domingo sa ilalim ng direksyon ni Laurice Guillen.

May nagsasabi ring malaki ang tsansa ni Kim na manalo ng best supporting actress para sa nasabing pelikula subalit tumawa lamang ang aktres at sinabing malaking milagro ito kung mangyari man. Pero isa lang ang sigurado ng aktres, at ito ay ang libu-libong nagmamahal na fans sa kanilang dalawa ni Gerald. Kim is really grateful to the fans who support her ang Gerald tirelessly. Na-overwhelm din si Kim sa turnout ng text votes nang madeklara siyang Pop Cover Girl habang si Gerald ang nahirang na Pop Pin-up Boy sa ASAP Pop Awards. Sabi ni Kim, “Sa Pop Awards ang tataas ng votes namin sobra sa text votes, alam ko dahil sa kanila ‘yon.”

Nakalaban ni Kim sa nasabing katergorya sina Angel Locsin, KC Concepcion at Cristine Reyes habang kasamang na-nominado ni Gerald sina Xian Lim, Ejay Falcon at Mark Bautista.

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KIM and's all about LOVE and HAPPINESS that we're giving back to you. You're
simply the best TEAM. Hope you won't change and be rest reassured, we'll always be here for you. GOD BLESS and more power to you
and Kimeralds...TO, Canada

Yes to KIM & GERALD. We're always here for you.
We continuously watched you grow into fine actor/ actress and for us we pledge our love & loyalty to you. It's your humility that really endears you to us. Keep up the good works.

Kim and Gerald, Congratulations for your success in Showbiz!!! Don't forget to give thanks to God for all the blessings!!!!

We are here to support both of you!!

Stay humble, sincere but most of all be prayerful!!! Those are some of the weapons you should carry as you take more steps in the crazy world of showbusiness!!!!

You are right Kim wala kayo without us!!! Thank you for considering us your fans as you always will!!!

Our prayers to both of you!!!

We are truly proud of the actors and the persons that you have become. you have remained unaffected by sucess and have become a role model to the young. keep this up and remain true to yourselves.
above all give praise and thank the Lord for all the gifts he has given you.

we love you both!

Kim and Gerald, you deserve whatever blessings you are receiving right now because you are both nice and has remained humble of your achievements.
We've seen you grow right before our eyes and we are so happy that you have been working hard to master your crafts. You have not forgotten your humble beginnings and continue to share your blessings.And most important, you're still the same kim and gerald we fell in love with in the PBB house. Rest asured that we'll keep on supporting!!

Kim and Gerald, when we say support all the way, we mean it in the truest sense of those words.

You give so much joy to our hearts. We pay you back through our support. A kimerald fan is a blessing to another fan na rin thru the friendship gained and camaraderie built. Kumbaga, we are just gifts to one another. May we continue to cherish that gift and grow more in love -- love for Kimerald and for one enother....

yapeh (Aus)

KIM & GERALD, we appreciate you thanking us profusely for the love & support we give you.
It is your humility that endears you to us. You are both young but selfless and disciplined in your careers. You enjoy sharing your talents to us and we derive that joy from you. How can we not love and admire you when you don't stop to amaze us with your talents?

KIM, sana makapagbakasyon ka rin gaya ni Gerald.
Puyat ka na naman siguro kasi halatang halata ang mga eyebags mo. We're just concerned for your health. You work to have money but if you get sick, then the money you work for will just be for the doctors & hosp. I know you want to work to death but have time for yourself. Don't let work run your life.

KIMMY, try to drink taho every morning.
I remember when I was in College, I was as skinny as you and my Mamma always bought taho every morning and it helped me gained weight.
Just a suggestion...

KIM & GERALD... happinnnneeesss.
You are our happinnnnneeessss.

Long Live "Kimerald" !!!!
The best tandem ever this generation!!!
More power & happiness!!!

Kim and Gerald, you're the best. I feel so special
as a Kimerald knowing that you always put us first
before your own success and blessings. Hope you
guys will remain humble as you are. KIm take care of your health-it's the only one you've got.Please
Gerald watch your baby...we love you both !!!!

kimerald you're the best
we're all here to support! ganda nga pala ng chanel ng necklace na bigay ni ms kris sa kanya!

Life is give and take that's why I don't let pass every chance I get to give back to the Kimerald the joy they give us.

To Kim, you've got the body of a perfect model but considering the demands of a showbiz career, palagay ko kelangan mo rin to gain even just a little weight para panlaban sa stress at para rin may extra energy ka. Take care coz we care about you and Gerald.

Kim is kind to everyone...this is probably the time when she has to be kind to herself...I second the care and concern of everyone here who urges her to put on a little more weight.

I don't know if this has something to do with Gerald's critique on her face once upon a time when he likened it to the ball they had around the PBB house -- bilog. Kim, binawi na ni Gerald yon...hehehe.

Well, the holidays is the time when we usually 'pig' out...hope Kim will be able to have some R & R in Cebu and have some of her fave delicacies there.

Thank you Kim and Gerald for the kindness and love you have for us fans...we are just giving back the love and joy that you give us everytime we watch you, your shows, etc. You drive away a lot of the homesickness we endure being out of our motherland. Again, thank you!

God bless always!


I really appreciate Kim and
Gerald offering their trophies to the fans ...they really value their fans.The for as long you in the industry.I have never love artists like them before!

KIM & GERALD congratulations !!!!! as fans we want to give back your love to us. Up to now, since PBBTE days were here, especially for KIM, she is a down to earth and very humble up to now, a wholesome image for a young girl, its true her qualities is really rare, her personality ( positive outlook in life,caring and loving, responsible at early age, dedicated to her work, etc....and humor factor is a plus that its not easy to find. That's why in PBBTE days, all the housemates admired her, ( I thought, its really Mikee at first, he is ATENISTA and with brains, also a reserve guy but they did not click,since in the beginning GERALD is so "PASAWAY" with so many violations but on the later he cannot resist the charm of or Chinese Cutie. Its really a destiny for the two, nobody think or plan about it. KIM is your lucky charm, she's a good influence in your success, as you compliment each other, its vice versa.GERALD is really wise in making his smooth moves, no one can court her,up to now going stronger. We've really done our part to VOTE KIM since from the beginning, we feel in love with her, and her fans are in all stages of life ( young and adults, ABCDE... status in life and have observed many are well-off in life,including chinese races.KIM, stay humble and we will be all here to support all your projects & also GERALD, more years of success & don't forget to take care of "KIMMY" she's only one of a kind, so many like her but Gerald is always making "BAKOD" as her DAD said " its her choice, even her Dad like guys with the same race but we have witness how he truly loved her. Good luck and stay in LOVE !!!!!!!

KIM and GERALD congratulations!!!!were happy that you always thank us.your welcome.were doing our best to make your loveteam number 1 ,no matter what were always there to support you and gerald and were going to watch your movie this coming holiday.All my family and friends are excited to your role as Ysa in i love you Goodbye.Im glad that you got the part.Direct laurice is a great director and you will learn more from her.Were so excited also with your movie with Gerald,opening salvo of star Cinema for 2010.Were praying for the succes.I hope that the movie will gross 200 million more.I have my novenas for you both.Im so excited for your teleserye for looks nice with Kris and many others.Dont worry were here for you no matter what.we love you both and God Bless you!

To 1:03PM,let me be part of your novena. hope
all Kimeralds will join us in our prayers. I'm
a KGGG here in Canada. I'm dying to watch the
movie and teleserye. When does the movie coming
out? i'm planning for a vacation early next year. I wish i can watch it first hand. To kim and gerald- wishing you all the best in the new year.I hope it will be a happier and lovelier year for all kimeralds. GOd bless us always.

basta kimerald, mabuhay kayo walang iwanan


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