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by Aster Amoyo ( PhilStar ) 11.22.09

Malapit nang magsara ang S&R sa Bonifacio Global City nang kami ay pumasok nung isang linggo. Habang tulak-tulak namin ang aming cart hindi namin inaasahan na makita roon ang magka-love team na sina Kim Chiu at Gerald Anderson. Super sweet ang dalawa. Nakaakbay si Gerald kay Kim at panay ang halik sa pisngi ng teener ang binata. Ewan ko, Salve A. kung kami ay naging KJ nang tawagin namin ang pangalan ng dalawa. Agad bumitaw si Gerald kay Kim at lumapit sa amin.

Sa aming nasaksihan, walang alinlangan na magkasintahan na nga ang dalawa although walang tahasang pag-amin na nagmumula sa kanila.

Kailan kaya aamin sina Kim at Gerald na sila na? Kapag break na sila?

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friends are ok to kiss in the cheek, aslong its not in the lips...i prepare to hear the revelation from them and not anyone else..coz. they really sweet naturally to each other. im happy if their happy i don't want to rush them, lives the life with full of excitement and happiness..aaaayyyyy!!!! so cool to watch them.

Of course guys, alam nyo nman itong nagsulat nang article eh syimpre reporter, very eager to know what is the real status of KIMERALD. Pra nga nman pag umamin ang 2 na kung sila n, eh may magagawa nnaman silang intriga para mapaghiwalay as usual in the showbiz. Ganyan naman talaga mga reporter pagligawan time plang eh tanong2 lang kung kilan sasagutin,then pag mag on na eh todo intriga n ang mga yan para mapaghiwalay. Kaya ok n yan na laging sinasabi ni Ge what you see is what you get di ba? Para sicure ang relationship nila walang imbyernang mga reporter na distroyer, tama ba ako mga KIMERALD FANS?? GOD BLESS TO ALL SPECIALLY TO KIMERALD.

infairness tnx sa artic n2..pero yaan nu nlng cla msaya na cla kng nu meron cla tma wat u c is wat u get nga!isa ako sa milyons of fans na ssya kapg aamin cl na cla na pero kng dpa ang d riyt time na pede ng umamin ok lang din sa amin as long na masaya cla masaya na rin kaming mga fans lalo na ako..

Ms Astrer Amoyo thank you for this article. Atleast now my hope of them being together-TOGETHER is recindle. If they are so sweet even without camera, I am happy.

maski ano mang miron sila...okay na rin sa amin at least masaya sila palagi, masaya na rin kaming mga kimerald....gogogo...

irespeto mo ang privacynila dahil kailangan nila yan , kaya kong maghiwalay bahalana sila , but for me bagay sila, okay lang yong sa gusto lang nila.

Kim & GErald are the best just respect their privacy it wont hurt as long as they stay together tha's the main thing.
I love them both

What you see is what you get!!! As KIM said, we treasure what we have rt now and we're happy together. Same with Gerald, we're always happy together and that's what matters.

We love you KIM & GERALD. Just keep it burning.
Gerald pls take care of KIM.

We appreciate you sharing that to us Ms. Amoyo.
At least we know that they're sweet on/ off camera. Thank you.

Gerald, we pray that you'll be together forever.

The special bonding they have, the chemistry and the magic their loveteam gives us is already a joy to reckon with. The KIMERALDs are all praying that GOD bind them together forever. If that happens, we will be considering that an
icing on the cake.

This so natural and typical with Kim and Gerald. Gaya nang sabi ni Gerald "WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET"di ba ? ewan ko kung dapat pa bang itanong iyan. Kim and Gerald are so into one another because eversince PBB they have never changed.I f you just look closely Gerald's feelings for Kim never fades only it grew more intense and he's always the vocal one ika nga he wears his heart on his sleeves unlike Kim eversince resrved na reserved siya but you can see it in her eyes and body language. Me and all us fans for that matter we do not need to ask. We see and feel it kahit walang aminan. I admire the way they do things together their way. They have this world that belongs only to them . We the fans are happy as long as their happy and the way they show their love for us. They are the best and truly a match made in heaven.

kilig!!! found link of thei movie fb acct..pls visit..

hmmm,,,,i think sla nah nga tma bng pkelamn ntin cla?kng ano nah ang real score nla?my srili taung bhay and my srili dn clang buhay khit nah artista cla ai kailangan nah nting mlaman ang lhat abt sah knilang dlawa dba?anyway kng totoo man ang nkita nio....kc wla nmang mg frend nah kiss ng kiss sa frend dba khit sa cheekz lhan?taz nakaakbay pah?pro pbayaan nah ntin cla..kng ano gz2 nla,,,,,,,,,,ok...KIMERALD 4EVER

privacy lhang nman ang kailangan nla eh...

i agree with anonymous 9:42 and 9:43

privacy lhan kailngan nla.. and ofcourse my srili taung hndi porkit artista cla my krapatan nah taung mlaman ang lhat sah knila noh...


They're still normal teenagers who are so in love. KIM & GERALD, as you both have said repeatedly, "we enjoy each other's company and we treasure what we have now". So be it.

We love them so much, bec what we see is what we get without any pretenses.

Thanks for the kilig info. "What you see is what you get,'yon na yon"- Geralds favorite line. You can see the magic of love. Silence means more than
meets the eyes. Whatever they do off cam, as long as we know they're happy, we have to be more than
happy. Let them live a normal life. I agree with
10:26, no pretense. To Kimerald, keep that love,
trust,faith and respect for each other. We love
you forever. God bless...

you. GOD bless.

We know, as showbiz people who are now in the peak of their career, so many aspects and intrigues they have to face, and also all the management people behind them. Who knows in the future if it is really for real, what they are focus now is to grab the once in a lifetime opportunity of being "SIKAT" and bankable to earn a living for their family, this two kids pass so many trials in PBBTE house and they really work hard for it, "FINANCIAL PROBLEM" urged them to join, and GOD gave them their wishes, career and so many fans and supporters who really LOVE them, seeing them happy made our day. TO KIM & GERALD : we are praying for your good future, we cannot predict what it will be ???? You both came from a different background. As "CHINESE" ( for KIM ) of course the family will prefer their own race. There both young. Hoping for the best, even in the future they will have different lives, as long as they are happy and they choose somebody who will be perfect for a lifetime commitment, especially for KIM, she's a girl, who is strong and many excellent qualities that a chinese guy would want for and also business minded, for Gerald since you are also a loving son, God will guide you whatever endeavors you take, and if KIM is really the girl you want, you will will be patient enough to wait for her, as her DAD said, even you don't belong to chinese race, as long as you love her daughter and KIM will love you, its ok for him, as he said its up to KIM, if what is her choice. For us Fans, sana kayo na ang magkatuluyan. That's our prayer. God Bless !!!!

i am just super happy to read this article. as fans, we know that this kind of article will surely bring smiles in our lips. just don't mind the the last sentence... =))

way to go our kimerald!

i really think na mas sweet sina kim and gerald offcam kasi all paople nemen talaga want privacy diba? eh kapag naging mas sweet sila oncam, mas maraming mangungulit sa kanila diba? and i really like their honesty and truthfulness you can see it in their eyes na sincere sila especially sa mata ni gerald.... hindi sila plastik di gaya ng iba sweet lang sa harap ng camera pero pag wala nang camera ala na rin yung pagiging sweet.... god bless and more power to kimerald!!!!!

Of course! This is a good news for us fans!!! I'm happy that off cam they're sweet together!!

Please Gerald take good care of our Kimmy! Don't let her cry or the whole world will cry with her!!!

I love you both and pray na kayo na 'til forever!!




Kimeralds know better than that...What you see is what you get!!!Leave them alone!! Let's give them chance to enjoy life OFF CAM. This way,they can get to know each other inside out their relationship. GOD bless and more love, respect,
faith and trust to KIM and Gerald.


Loving and supporting them to the max is what we assure KIM & GERALD. We enjoy watching them since their PBBTe days and more people are now very vocal with their admiration. We respect what Gerald & KIM say about their relationship. They treasure what they have and are happy being together. So, let it be.

let them be happy! c'mmon dont u get it??? "what u see is what u get" that's what gerald kepp saying so can't u just leave them alone.KIM & GE stay happy & sweet as u guys are!

i am in heaven reading this article.kimerald alagan nyo isat isa,,,d2 lang kami to pray for both of you.both your career,lovelife,guidance and health...pls stay healthy always. look &take good care with each other.basta d2 lang kami on matter in heaven!!!!!!!!!kimerald is truely a happiness......

..edi okay at masaya.. hnidi na amn lht kylngan i- chika pa dba bza dy are happy im happy also n rn
4 them thats der private life na ei... ka kilig tlaga cla..

tke cre!!

happiness xempre dba naman?
ok na dapat sa ten un...
Gudluck! let's ol watch their movies....

We, their fans are all praying that GOD bind them together forever. They are both young,
let's give them the chance to enjoy their relationship. We respect what they have right now bec what we see is what we get. As long as we see the respect, so be it.

I think it's just a friendly kiss to her cheeks their just close friends without a serious commitment to each other i saw kim and gerald at s&r when it happened.

lovely, sana sila ang magkatuluyan. bagay na bagay sila. gerald sana huwag mo siyang iiwan.

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