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Kim admits going to Gerald’s home
Ethel Ramos

If the current closeness between teenage stars Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson are not indicative of their romance, then what exactly is?

A source who claims to be close to both but who does not want to be identified said the relationship between the teenagers may not yet be a real romance yet – but it soon will be. Do we know, for example, that Kim is seen at Gerald condo unit and vice versa? Kim’s unit is in a condo on Madison Avenue in Kamuning, while Gerald lives near ABS-CBN.

Between the two, it is Kim who is more affected by these talks. "How unfair," she sighs. "If I remember right, mabibilang sa daliri ang number of times I’ve been to Gerald’s unit. And always, I’m with a group. At madalas, ‘di ako nagtatagal. Kung minsan pa nga, dinadaanan lang naming siya kung may pupuntahan kaming magkasama."

But Kim does not discount the possibility that a romance may eventually develop between them; but not now. They are both still too young for a serious commitment. She just turned 17. Gerald’s 18.

"And I don’t deny that I find Gerald cute," Kim laughs.

Right now, both Kim and Gerald are busy shooting their second movie together, under the direction of Lino Cayetano for Star Cinema. The film is Direk Lino’s directorial debut.

It’s the second movie for Kim and Gerald who were introduced in "First Day High," also a Star Cinema movie.

Playing for laughs
Gab Fab
Jet Valle

Looking at TV director Edgar Francis Mortiz, aka direk Frasco, you’d think he is a serious man. He is tall and imposing and actually very intimidating.

However, once he talks, you quickly see that he is indeed serious...about comedy.

As codirector of kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit, Frasco is pressured to make people laugh with his punchlines.

“It’s really a hard job,” he says, “but it’s what I enjoy doing. I don’t mind the long hours and the other factors that would make a normal person crazy. Maybe that’s it—maybe I’m not normal!”

He guffaws. Frasco is also one of the top people behind Let’s Go!, a teen-oriented ABS-CBN sitcom that had to let go of its stronghold every Saturday afternoon. In turn, he was rewarded with a primetime comedy show, titled Gokada Go!, that premieres on June 2.

Gokada Go! is about a group of friends composed of naïve probinsyana Melody (Kim Chiu), bad-boy-but-with-a-soft-heart Gab (Gerald Anderson), half-Italian half-Visayan Matteo (Matteo Guidicelli), unlucky-in-love Bob (Joem Bascon), indifferent-to-the-world Junniper (Eda Nolan) and aspiring actress Charee (Charie Pineda). In the show, the six go through the travails of student life, with funny situations interspersed.

“The premise of the show is that your friends are like your second family, they’re the family you choose for yourself,” says Frasco. “And Gokada Go! is like your one big crazy family. It combines life journeys, relationships, romance and many more.” The show also features veteran actress Gina Pareño as the owner of the dorm where all the characters live.“We decided to get a very concentrated cast,” Frasco reveals. “This is so that all the storylines will get their own highlights.”
The cast of Gokada Go! only have high praise for Frasco.

Says Gerald Anderson, “Direk is a very cool guy. We gelled right away the fist time we worked together. While he can be your friend, direk is also very professional and that’s what I appreciate about him. He is very passionate about his work.”

Meanwhile, Joem Bascon, who has worked with the director the longest, says, “The thing about direk Frasco is that he respects everyone on the set, from the cast to the staff down to the utility people. He rarely gets mad and when he does, it’s for a valid reason. You would also respect his vision as a director.”

Kim Chiu adds, “Direk Frasco is one person you’d have a great time working with. Sobrang gaan siyang katrabaho. Kering-carry talaga. His humor is very infectious and you can see it onscreen through the punchlines we throw or the crazy situations he puts us in.”

While direk Frasco has had a string of commercial successes (Goin’ Bulilit remains to be one of the top shows of ABS-CBN as well as Let’s Go!), he is not the type to rest on his laurels. He admits that in his mind are a lot of wild concepts and crazy ideas that he would one day like to be either another TV show he’d direct or a movie. He has a billion ideas cooking up in his head. He admits that he would like to achieve so much more.

In the meantime, those plans of his have to wait. Because you can see it in his eyes—direk Frasco gets his happiness by making people laugh.

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so what?? kung pumupunta si kim sa condo ni gerald!!! eh may kasama naman si kim... lagi na lang kayo naninira ng inosenteng tao...palibhasa wala kayong magawa sa buhay nyo!!!! they are so UNFAIR!!!!

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