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Showbiz News Ngayon : Hala Bida!c/o kimeraldity
Showbiz News Ngayon : Hala Bida c/o discoverer
Showbiz News Ngayon : Hala Bida
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KIMMY !!!!!!!!!!! congratulations being the most beautiful girl featured in YES MAGAZINE, we believed in what MS. MAGLIPON said she has so many fans around the world, I know, she herself being the chief editor like KIMMY, the age bracket who really like her is like her age, like me I'm a MOM, first time I've seen her in PBBTE 2006, I feel in love with her, we belong to chinese race, also MIKEE LEE before ( bagay sana kung madiskarte, pero mabagal) she will really reach stardom since her fans like me a working MOM and many more can afford to watch her movies, buy her magazines, DVD's etc..... support all her endorsements by buying all the products she endorsed. But in the beginning she choose GERALD to be her loveteam since they look good together not only on screen but in real life. GERALD hope you love her until the end, she's really adorable, of course we chinese, wants our own race but as the DAD of KIMMY said he approve somebody whom KIMMY will love and like also, and we know its you, take care don't break her heart. Look at her, so humble even in the midst of her stardom, she can't believe being the most beautiful girl, I know the criteria is not only on 100% physical feature but beauty inside and out, a good role model to the young generation, a good daughter, a reserve and conservative girl, very generous and many good qualities for a man to dream of to be their partner in life...etc........... Gerald your 60% ahead from any suitors who will court her, but we know how high is your "BAKOD" kaya nobody can court her. GERALD, Ikaw na mismo ang makapagsabi, why so many beautiful girls around but your eyes are only for KIMMY. WHY ??????? Can you share with us her secret ????? inspite of the busy schedules and work, beauty and super glowing pa rin siya. I like her long shiny hair and most of all her gorgeous smile....... LOVE YOU KIMMY, all your endorsements, we spend a lot on it coz we want you to reach your dream together with GERALD. Please keep the love burning always GERALD !!!!

i bought a copy of the YES mag where kim chiu graced the cover. WOW! kim is so pretty in her pictures. Congrats kim and the staff of the YES mag, you made the right choice. Kim deserves the title. She"s beautiful inside and out., the choice of so many, young and old alike. The beautiful princess of Gerald Anderson is indeed the favorite of many. Ge, pls take care of kim. We love you for it.

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