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Cinema News : KIMERALD News 1 , 2 c/o kimeraldity
Cinema News : KIMERALD News 1 , 2 c/o discoverer
Cinema News : KIMERALD News
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I'm happy for KIMMY and GERALD, they really compliment and sensitive to each others feelings, as GERALD said he knows KIM so much for 4 years now, he knows how to be gentleman always for her girl KIMMY, we love you both, KIMMY is such a super-duper-sweet girl, kahit sino ma-in love talaga sa kanya, that's why KIMERALD fans wants them not to be link to anybody so they will be together until they are ready for marriage,they are young, really a role model for the youth, look at KIMMY she help her siblings to have a comfortable life and workaholic for her family,during her b-day in the BUZZ with KC I was touched and teary eye for what she is to her family, as her sister said if they can described KIMMY, a word more than "GENEROUS" & how she visit the babies and donated incubators for the Fabella hospital, you made us proud of you, that's why we are always praying for you and GERALD, more projects and even in the future when your projects are not together always have time and communication for each other, most of all pray together & don't take for granted the love that you have built for the past 4 years. Stay humble and no matter what your KIMERALD fans all around the world will support all your projects. You are in showbiz and surely more intrigues are coming, TO GERALD : take care of KIMMY, we know how much you love her, as she said "she will only believe in you and nobody else. Always God Bless KIMERALD !!!!!!!

the cinemanews interviewtells it all, even when the press are puting words into their mouths very candid ang sagot nila esp. Gerald shen he said hanggang doon lang sa ys ang kanyang pagkakilala kay sp kung baga period, and Kim will always be in his heart okay, good on you both. God bless.

sana kayo nalang dalawa, habang buhay, kimerald... till death do us part... lola nz

kya nga sana cla n lng 4ever,,,,,

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